June empties

Mahalo The Unveil. Paula’s Choice Resist 2% BHA. Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C cleanser and booster. Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer. Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Original Formula.
  • Mahalo The Unveil (50ml)

I love this balm-to-milk cleanser. It’s green (literally), it smells wonderful, and it works beautifully on my skin. Doesn’t need a flannel, which is a plus for me because flannel in general feels a bit too harsh on my face (I still use flannel, but I try to keep it to minimum). Every time when my skin felt a bit rough, I would reach for this cleanser. Clean, fresh, smooth, supple skin after use. I also felt like massaging whenever I used it. When in doubt, go for it.

The only thing is, I realized that between a balm cleanser in a jar and a milk/cream cleanser in a bottle with pump, I would choose the latter. Because of convenience, I guess. It’s just my preference, there’s nothing wrong with the product really (I love it!). Together with its price (70€ at Naturelle), I decided to not repurchase.

Other products from the brand, I would definitely love giving them a try though, e.g. the Rare Indigo and the Bean Mask.

I bought The Unveil on the last day of March and it barely made it to June. Roughly two months of use for me. Given, I used it a lot, some days twice a day, and quite heavy handed too.

  • Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Pore-Refining Treatment 2% BHA (88ml)

This is my replacement for Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion. I’m so glad I found it after so much pain with the Clinique MCL discontinuation. It works incredibly well and no irritation. I wonder why they go with “pore-refining” in the name though. To me BHA is mostly about preventing and treating acne, which I personally find it to be more important.

I bought mine from lookfantastic in December last year. I’m not entirely sure but I think I started using it right after receiving, because all other acid toners I tried at the time would irritate my skin. I used it every morning, so roughly 6 months of use.

Already repurchased.

  • Clinique Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C, and Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% (sample)

I’ve been trying to insert more vitamin C to my routine, which proves to not be so easy. I’m concerned about packaging (light-proof, air-tight, so that it will not oxidize too quickly), and I want something not sticky and non-irritating.

When Caroline Hirons introduced about this duo, I was interested. I was going to some stores to see it, but never proceeded to purchase. Then one time when I was in Stockmann, a staff came to ask if I needed help, and I said I was looking for the Fresh Pressed. She showed me where it was, introduced me about it, and gave me two samples to take home to try. Oooh nice. I wish more stores would be more quick and willing to give out samples.

All in all, I liked the powder cleanser and already purchased from feelunique utilizing their 15% discount code. The booster, I liked it in the sense that it’s not picky and you can mix it with any moisturizer. I still found it to be sticky though. I might want to try it again at some point. For now, not yet.

  • Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer (sample – 1ml)

The Rebuilding Moisturizer might not be my favorite, but this one is totally right up my alley. Jessica Parker-Palmiero – a Tata Harper representative – was here in Finland, she gave me a mini-facial at Stockmann when they had a Tata Harper pop-up store in conjunction with Naturelle. It totally changed my conception about Tata Harper products, and I’m pretty much a convert now.

Back then when I was considering between Rebuilding and Clarifying, I went for Rebuilding because I was afraid the combination of Clarifying and my daily BHA would be too strong. But Jessica said it should be fine, and the Clarifying is indeed very gentle. It’s also much more skin-balancing than Rebuilding to me.

I got this sample from a purchase with Content Beauty. I already purchased the full-size (from Cult Beauty, they had 20% off for their 9-year anniversary), now waiting for it to arrive. Can hardly wait!

  • Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Original Formula (sample)

I was wary of glycolic acid after some bad reactions from some toners before when I tried to find an acid toner replacement for Clinique MCL. To my surprise, this worked very well?! My skin felt smooth, refined after use. I’m so in conflict. Good that its price is high so I’m safe (for now). I already dread for the time when I crave for both AHA and BHA in one toner with good action and result.

This sample was from a purchase earlier with Cult Beauty.


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